So what happened was…

Hello! I’m Jessica and I’ve owned four rabbits to date. I won my first rabbit at a fair. Yep. I was 16-years-old. I walked up to a giant tiered pyramid of mini fish bowls. The carny handed me a ping pong ball and said, “Try to make it into the top cup.” I remember it like it was yesterday. The water in the top cup was yellow. Looked like a mini bowl of urine. Maybe it was?!?! Oh gosh. Anyway, on the first try I got the ping pong ball into the top cup. I froze. What would my parents say when I show up with a rabbit??? How the heck would I get it home from the fair? Was it a girl or a boy bunny? My friend drove us girls to the fair and somehow I convinced her to drive all of us to Walmart at 10 o’clock at night so I could buy a dog/cat carrier. It was basically all I could afford that night.

What breed of rabbit did I win, you’re wondering? Pretty sure a wild rabbit. They probably plucked her out of the woods 10 minutes before the fair opened. She was mostly a dingy brown color and weighed about 3 lbs. once fully grown. But when I first laid eyes on her at the fair, I thought she was the cutest baby bunny I had ever seen and SHE WAS ALL MINE. My dream of owning a rabbit had come true whether my parents liked it or not.

My baby sister with Sweet Pea.

Looking back, I am NOT proud of the life that “Sweet Pea” got. She was only fed pelleted food. She lived in a cage (with a litter box–I did one thing right) and got supervised play on our screened-in porch. I was ignorant then. Sixteen and crazy about boys (and school–I was a good student). Somehow, that rabbit never had a single health issue. She let me cut her nails and her teeth remained the perfect length. I was away at college for the last years of her life. My little sister gave her food, water, and attention and my parents cleaned her litter box. Sweet Pea lived to 7-years-old.

Who only knows what her life would have been like if some other fair-goer had won her or Heaven forbid if no one had won her??? Back to the woods she probably would have gone!

Thanks for reading my first post on this brand spankin’ new blog. I promise to provide some neat stuff I’ve learned in the last 20+ years of rabbit ownership (I just dated myself there). Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

Published by gonewiththerabbits

I'm a Southern gal who has always loved rabbits and enjoys finding work-arounds to make it easier to have and enjoy house bunnies.

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